Have you experienced the pain of being rejected for a credit card?

Is your interest rate higher than you feel it should be?

Did you know that there are 0% credit cards out there?

Did you know that you could earn 20% return on your investment?


My life is a work in progress and these ideas have all aided in the acquisition of capital and strengthened my net worth. Like a fine pearl cultured for ages it has taken close to thirty years to craft these ideas into the gem that I present here.

I am passionate about educating all people; specifically high school and college age people. Friends I feel that the modern day educational system does not have the time nor the resources to properly educate on the basic principles of personal financial management.  The focus, even in a business college is on capital generation and preservation for the business. 

No one teaches what is presented here.

 Some of the concepts presented here are covered in graduate level business college courses, but their implementation is unique to my work. 

  • Function like a bank, make money borrowing others capital. 
  • FDIC insured place to securely store the capital and earn a great interest rate!   
  • Establish or reestablish your credit.
  • I cover maximizing your present value cash flow.      
  • The concept of good debt.                             
  • Understanding interest rates and how to capitalize on this knowledge. 


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