Leverage Time



There are all kinds of opportunities to turn an incredible profit within a short period of time.  I will discuss two of them here.


          Look in newspapers for banks that are offering introductory offers for opening an account.  I have found bank offering as much as $50 for new accounts.  If the process were to take two hours of your time to do this you would need to make considerably more than $25.00 an hour for this to truly be a waist of your time.  After opening the account you are required to leave your money in there for 90 days.  The initial deposit is usually only $100.00.  Where else can you find a 50% return on your investment in 90 days?! 


I used this same process while in the Marines.  I found five friends and we piled into my car.  I had each of them sign a contract stating that they were not allowed to touch the principal amount and after 90 days they would receive $10 each for their services.  I gave each guy $100 to open a checking account.  In 90 days I earned $250.00 with just $600 invested!