Tired of Late Fees & Finance Charges?



I call in when I have received a late fee or finance charge from a credit card company and before I even go into details, I ask; “If you find in my favor do you have the ability to reverse the late fees and finance charges I have been assessed?”  Sometimes the answer to this question is no, and I politely ask to speak to their manager. 


Not receiving your mail in a timely manner to respond is a valid reason for missing your payment period.  If you have recently moved there should be very little discussion about the fees, the credit card company will courteously remove them. 


I recently moved in January of this year and accrued a combined total of $150 in late fees and finance charges.  I did not pay a dime, successfully reversing all charges!  Expect a reversal of finance charges and late fees.  This is your money and if you fight hard enough you will always get it back.